Nanthomba Full Primary School


Completed by HELP in 2008, Nanthomba Full Primary School has been selected by the District Education Manager’s Office as the best primary school out of 153 schools in the Balaka District.

The students at Nanthomba Primary School are predominantly orphans, children from local villages, and children of National Park employees. Originally starting with 320 students, Nanthomba now has, over 1000 primary school students to date. Along with the Ministry of Education, HELP assists three additional community schools (Kavunguti, Kafulafula, and Mlambe) with teacher aides serving over 3,000 students daily. Further, HELP provides teachers with stipends and training, which contribute to the upgraded educational standards of the facility and has recruited assistant teachers to address the shortage of teachers, due to the high enrollment in the four schools.

Room to grow in Education:

  • It is estimated that only 71% of students make it as far as their last standard of Primary School. (UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
  • Approximately 73% of Malawian Children continue their education into secondary school, reflecting the primary to secondary school transition rate
  • Due to a high amount of students having to repeat standards, the gross enrollment rate for primary school is around 101%, while the net enrollment rate is only 77% (UNESCO, 2011)



Foundational knowledge and basic skills are learned through primary education. For most Malawians, primary education is the highest level of education they will receive. Therefore, it is crucial that these formative years are supported.

Led by strategic thinking and local input, our professional staff is committed to creating new learning strategies that will lead to greater academic engagement and retention of each of our primary school-aged learner alongside local self-sustainability and community empowerment.



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Life-Skills Class

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  • We would just like to send a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our followers. We would like to say that we are thankful for all of your support and donations. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. #HELPChangeALife
  • Great news for Nanthomba School children.  We were selected as recipients of the World Food Program emergency aid, and 261 bags of fortified soya/corn flour was delivered on Friday, which means that our students will not go hungry this lean season. We are very grateful. #HELPChangeALife
  • How adorable is this? Trying to get some shade under that Malawi sun during our 10th Anniversary celebration. #10yearsStrong #HELPChangeALife
  • An amazing performance from the beautiful women in Malawi during our 10th Anniversary Celebration at our Nanthomba School! #10yearsStrong #HELPChangeALife
  • The 10th Anniversary celebrations have started at our Nanthomba School! Thousands of parents and children have gathered to hear Jillian's speech and we are looking forward to lunch! #10yearsstrong #HELPChangeALife
  • “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”- Aristotle. H.E.L.P aims to do both, a reminder of what we are all about. #HELPChangeALife
  • Children line up to register for English Activity Class,  one of the after-school lessons at Nanthomba. In addition, learners can choose from other fun activities such as tailoring, music, eco club and computer class. #HELPChangeALife
  • “It takes a village to raise a child”-African proverb. It not only takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to gift children with an education, which is exactly what H.E.L.P is doing. Join our village by donating or volunteering. #HELPChangeALife